Download Brawl Stars 33.118 New Charecter 2021:Colonel RUFFS

Introducing the new Brawl Stars update with a new fighter Ruff. The game will have a new character – Colonel Ruffus, and he looks like a policeman. with a dog’s head.

Description of the update for Brawl Stars with Ruffs

Ruffs Characteristics:


The rarity is chromatic.

Attack: With handcuffs for the attack. Colonel Ruff throws the handcuffs, which deal 1500 at a maximum base value of 1000. It has a bar that charges slowly. Once the scale is filled, the Colonel’s next attack will stun the enemy for a second.

Super-blocking. Colonel Ruff lets out a giant bark that throws him off. The enemy can still move normally, but cannot attack.

Gadget-bulletproof Colonel Ruffs puts on a bulletproof vest. It is immune to special effects and takes 80% of all damage for 4.5 seconds.

Star power or star barking-helps to slow down the power of enemies, now slows down by 2.5 seconds due to the barking of Colonel Ruffs.

New Skins Values ​​and Release Dates

Pilot Vest – 79 Gems
Launch on February 5th (Friday)
Star Cadet Bull – 149 Gems
Launch on February 12th (Friday)
Charming Lou – 79 Gems
Launch on February 14th (Sunday)
Spike of Darkness – 149 Gems
Launch on February 19th (Friday)
Carl Blackbeard – 10,000 Star Points
Launch on update day (no confirmed date)



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