AMBER balancing and and a new brawlstars loading screen

new loading screen

New loading screen

The next Brawl Stars update is coming soon! Meanwhile, Supercell reveals details of what players should expect when it launches.

And now it’s time to open the start screen of the new update:

in it we see the entrance to Snowtel, which is Mr. P’s hotel, several brawlers are expelled from the place, and even a new brawler Lou appears.

All balance changes and a new loading screen from the upcoming Brawlstars update are now available.

Balance changes

Amber: movement speed reduced from “very high” to “normal”; damage per second reduced from 2400 to 2000 (-17%).

Now, supporting characters brawler, the type: penguins Mr. PI and bear Nita, will follow them, if you do not see enemy players and goals nearby.

Winter design for maps.
Event icons and Brawl Pass in the style of the season with “Snow Hotel”.

New animations:
now on the 8-BIT screen, after selecting a character, the “loading Screen”will be displayed. This will be like the default skin, and the Classic 8-BIT.

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