Download Brawl Stars 40.150 club league and gear tokens

New update bravl stars 40.150 with a league of clubs, new levels for all fighters and new equipment.

What’s new

  • Added club league.
  • Added 5 types of equipment for all fighters.
  • Increased levels of fighters to level 11.
  • Added new skins.

New gear tokens

Equipment is a new item that can be unlocked for level 10 and 11 brawlers. These items not only enhance the development of fighters, but also add potential for new strategies. There are five types of equipment with different passive abilities. Equipment is created in the brawlers’ menu using two types of new resources: Equipment Tokens and Detail. New resources can be obtained from crates or bought in the store.

Equipment can be upgraded up to the third level. Each upgrade upgrades the equipment to a higher level:

Acceleration: Gives a 15/20/25% increase in bush speed
Health: Restores 100/150/200 when Brawler is stationary
Damage: Deals an additional 10/15/20% damage when brawler has less than 50% health
Resistance: Slow and freeze damage reduced by 25/30/35%.
Protection: Gain a shield with a 300/450/600 HP buff. Shield regenerates by 5% every 0.5 seconds, at full health of fighter
Equipment cannot be exchanged between Brawlers, as it is usually locked to a specific warrior when he is created.

You can switch equipment items in the same way as Star Powers or Gadgets.

DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 40.150 with club league and gear tokens

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