Download NULLS BRAWL 33.151 apk mod(all unlocker)

Hey guys! This new update Nulls brawl. Unlimited boxes, open skins, fix bugs and much more are waiting for you.

NULLS BRAWL 33.151 apk mod

List of changes:

  • Removed the passability of some soldiers through walls.
  • Fixed crashes and stoppages of the battle, as a result, now it enters the battle faster.
  • Added the result of battles.
  • Fixed display of battle results.
  • Fixed instant attacks and gadgets.
  • Added 2 powerful servers, the ability of which to accommodate 7000 battles at the same time.
  • Fixed attack of Jesse and Volt (sometimes they could ignore boxes in collision mode).
  • Implemented the calculation of damage Collet; – Fully implemented Bibi attack.
  • Fixed pet attacks.
  • Implemented turret zones (they just didn’t appear, for example, Pam’s healing zone).
  • Added the ability to start a friendly battle on your map.
  • Fixed the use of Edgar’s ult when colliding with walls.
  • Implemented the mechanics of the battle between Bea and Amber.
  • Fixed the duration of the poisoning.
  • Fixed many gadgets.
  • Fixed many star powers.
  • Added support for Android 11.

How do I upgrade to Null’s Brawl 33.151 (alpha)?

  1. Download the new version from the link below.
  2. Do not delete the old version in any case.
  3. After downloading the new version, install it over the old one.
  4. If you did everything correctly, the profile on the test server will be saved.

DOWNLOAD NULLS BRAWL 33.151 alpha for android

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