Rebrawl Mods Content update #104

A new update for the hacked Brawl Stars has become available. The new version of the Rebrawl mod has new skins and improved maps for players.

Rebrawl mod release 26 Feb 2021

reBrawl is a private server of the famous Brawl Stars with unlimited coins, gems and chests and free access to all skins. There are some custom improvements, but they don’t affect game balance. Now you can easily complete various tasks in the game, because now coins and gems are available without restrictions.

Features of the reBrawl mod:

  • Custom maps.
  • New playable custom skins.
  • All brawlers open easily.
  • Endless access to game chests.

There are 3 versions of the game available:

  • reBrawl Classic is the closest version of the game to the original, without custom brawlers.
  • reBrawl Mods – the most customized version, original brawlers are replaced with custom ones.
  • reBrawl Legacy is a mod that works on older versions of Android.

Changelog ver.104:

  • Secret skins (Serious Brock, Crystal, Emerald and Ruby Shelly)
  • A new custom community map – Star City 02


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